PART IV: Advanced AutoCAD

Chapter One: Reusability

      1. Chapter One: Reusability

      2. Chapter Two: Block Libraries

      3. Chapter Three: Calculations

      4. Chapter Four: Bill of Materials

      5. Chapter Five: Metric/Imperial

      6. Chapter Six: Programming for AutoCAD

        1. AutoCAD menu files
          1. mnu, mnc and mns
          2. text editors
          3. creating libraries
        2. LISP and VisualLISP
        3. Deisal
        4. Visual Basic
      7. Chapter Seven: Adding to AutoCAD

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    The Approuch

    When a scenographic designer sets out to convey a design concept to producers, fellow artists and technical staff' the designer produces a model or a set of design sketches, drawings and renderings. Design drawings are intended to make the design vision clear. The designer and/or the technical director must produce a clear set of construction drawings for the shop(s) to build from. Producing a complete set of construction drawings and then keeping up with all of the changes is time consuming and takes a great deal of skill and knowlege. Construction drawings must be clear, readable and complete. They should not confuse or distract the shop.

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    Communicating the Design:

    Instead of describing a project with words occasionally illustrated with drawings, the drafter is describing a project with drawings occasionally illustrated with margin notes. For the purposes of design and construction, any other approuch would not work.


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